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Longevity Acupuncture Clinic is a full service clinic of Chinese medicine founded by Dr. Yubin Lu, Ph.D. (China). It is centrally located in Beaverton with easy access from all areas of the Portland/Metropolitan area. We are dedicated to offer qualified oriental medicine services (acupuncture treatment, Chinese herbal medicine treatment, Tuina treatment, Chinese medicine dietary treatment) to our patients from our experienced practitioner(s). We treat a great variety of conditions including all kinds of pain conditions, digestive disorders, respiratory disorders, endocrinal diseases, anxiety, stress, female disorders, cardiovascular diseases, urological disorders, infertility, etc. We also have our highly effective special programs for such conditions as acute sinusitis, lower back pain, acute prostatitis and infertility. With our highly qualified practitioners, you can expect better therapeutic effects. We accept most insurance plans. Please call us ahead of time to provide your insurance information so that we can check to see if it is covered. We look forward to serving your health needs. Please explore more our website to get more information. If you have special concerns, you can also consult with our practitioners online or make an appointment by calling (503) 207-3862.

Dr. Yubin Lu

Dr. Yubin Lu Dr. Yubin Lu is one of the earliest earners of Ph.D. degree in Chinese Medicine in the world. He graduated from Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (a leading Chinese medicine university in China) in 1986 with a bachelor degree, then in 1989 with a master degree and in 1993 with a Doctorate degree. He has 28 years consistent clinical practice, teaching and researching experience, as well as numerous publications in both Chinese medicine theory and clinical practice. He served as the Academic Dean at American Academy of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine for 15 years before he moved to Portland. Read More